Edgar Oliver Espinoza
Personal Trainer

What do you do at Arri Fitness? I am a motivated personal trainer who takes pride in helping people reach their fitness goals and full potential by providing the best workout techniques for their needs.

What's your background in fitness? I first took a liking to fitness at age 16. I got my NASM certification by the age of 18. I’ve been a personal trainer for about 6 years now. I like to think of myself as the best at what I do—always looking forward to learning new things, and trying different, effective workout techniques.

What is your area of expertise? I have a lot of experience with weight loss and toning. Helping people go from weighing over 300 pounds to under 200 is something that drives me and motivates me to push even harder. Seeing those results is what makes being a personal trainer worth while.

What do you love most about Arri Fitness? From the state-of-the-art equipment to the new, amazing atmosphere, it is a great place to get fit and stay motivated. I look forward to working with new people that want to see results and provide them a great workout ethic that will keep them driven for years to come.