Balam Avila
Front Desk Associate, Personal Trainer & Queenax Instructor

What is your background in fitness? I have 2+ years of personal training experience.

What's your educational background? I am currently a student at UTRGV pursuing my degree in Exercise Science and currently enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine for a higher education on personal training

What is your area of expertise? My area of expertise is in weight lifting to increase prime mover strength and explosiveness.

What do you love most about Arri Fitness? What I love most about Arri Fitness is the quality and immaculate environment that it has to offer for members. There is no other place like it.

What are your other hobbies outside of the gym? May main hobby outside of the gym is boxing training, to stay in top athletic shape and develop endurance and skill. I am set to compete soon.

Do you have any pets? I own a shih tzu and his name is Chenko.

Where do you find your daily motivation? Everyday I find my daily motivation within myself by staying productive and active as I go about my responsibilities as a student, employee, and athlete.