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Welcome to Arri Fitness, a wellness-focused luxury gym dedicated to inspiring people.

We focus on 3 key areas to achieve a well-balanced approach to fitness:



Strength training is the key to keeping your body strong and is the best natural and most effective agent for anti-aging. It's superior to any supplement, drug or cosmetic surgery. Increase your bone density by incorporating strength training into your fitness routine. Maintain muscle and strength by training your neuromuscular system to become more efficient and increase your metabolic rate. Staying at a healthy body fat level does wonders for your confidence and has that "feel good" factor. Lastly, strength training is also linked to increased brain function and who couldn't use more of that? There are a myriad of reasons to strength train, but we also want you to work out safely and correctly. Pay attention to the placards on every machine describing how to use the equipment properly. At Arri Fitness, we've got all the latest weight and resistance equipment to help you get stronger, leaner and more defined muscles. From dumbbells and benches to pin-select and free weight machines, you'll find everything you need for the body you desire.


Cardiovascular exercise is meant to increase endurance, burn calories, shed some pounds and work up a good sweat. Get your heart pumping with a variety of different cardio machines just waiting for you to hop on. Get pedaling, climbing, or running straight toward your goals!



Think of it as working out for real life situations. It's any type of exercise that has a direct relationship to the activities we perform in our daily lives. They are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform activities such as carrying groceries or playing a game of basketball with your kids. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability. Tools used for this type of exercise include medicine balls, kettle bells, weights, resistance bands and of course, our incredible Queenax machine.




Get scheduled, one-on-one time with a personal trainer. Since no two bodies are identical, each session is customized to your needs, strengths, and body type. Together, we will help you achieve your full potential and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

Knowing and understanding your body helps you get the most out of one-on-one training. Our certified personal training professionals will develop a personalized training plan that fits your body and lifestyle. Discuss your training style, goals and preferences during your first complementary consultation. Then work together on a plan to make your body stronger and your life better. Push past the walls of the gym and power your transformation with our team of elite Arri Fitness trainers. Train for success, stay focused and accountable, and realize long hoped for results. Your potential is infinite!



“Together Everyone Achieves More” is our motto. From aerial fitness to Superfunctional classes, we have the perfect class to accommodate your lifestyle and improve performance.

Our Queenax Functional Training System lets you choose what moves you. What is functional training? It's performing "real-life activities in real-life positions." Integrating strength and balance into a single dynamic format maximizes the benefits of body-weight exercises. Simply put: Gravity + Body Weight = Fast Results! From yoga to Superfunctional classes, these functional exercises strengthen and prepare your body for the movement patterns we already do in everyday life. Think of it as a big person's playground. Queenax classes put an entirely new element into what you can do to change your body, your mind and your spirit.

Equipment & Amenities

Equipment & Amenities

  • State of the art strength and cardio equipment made by these leading manufacturers: Life Fitness, Precor, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Matrix and Octane.
  • Complimentary coffee in the mornings and free wireless internet.
  • Cold eucalyptus towels - you'll be able to workout twice as long when you know you have a clean, refreshing, ice-cold eucalyptus-infused towel waiting to cool your body down.
  • Mobile app that allows members to renew their memberships quickly and easily, or schedule a Queenax class.
  • The first and ONLY Queenax Functional Fitness System in the Rio Grande Valley.


We are passionate about helping each individual live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life. Our mission is to empower people by focusing on fitness and daily exercise and through that process, inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. We take pride in our excellent customer service, attention to detail, luxury amenities and dedication to our members' overall health and wellness.

EXPERIENCE THE ARRI DIFFERENCE We inspire you to achieve all of your fitness goals

By being the first in the Rio Grande Valley to offer premium amenities like the Queenax Functional Training System, we are able to provide a variety of classes and services you won’t find elsewhere. Our spa-like ambience, cutting-edge equipment, unique classes and expert staff are what set us apart from the rest.

3 Months
$ 75 + tax / mo.
6 Months
$ 70 + tax / mo.
1 Year
$ 65 + tax / mo.


No enrollment or annual fees
It's a one-year agreement

65 + tax / mo.



1 Session

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